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Instrument:lead guitar,vocal
Natal Year:1983
Equipment:LTD EC1000,Bugera 6262,2x12" box Framus,Digitech XDD3
Favourite bands:Old school thrash metal, power, HC.....
Favourite Drinks:Beer,wine
Favourite food:piece of cow+egg+usa


Natal Year:1987
Equipment:Ibanez RGR 321EX+RM pickups,KUSTOM - HV 100, EH Micro Metal Muff
Favourite bands:a lot of and many kinds
Hobby:music,programming,science and technology,mua thay
Favourite Drinks:beer,cola & rum
Favourite food:meat
Favorite football club:Sparta


Instrument:Lead Vocal
Natal Year:1983
Equipment:Mic AKG D5
Favourite bands:TMF, Bakers Dozen, Retaliator, Enharjarna, Haggis, Loyalty, Vendetta/Bloodline, Ultima Thule, The Junkers, Battle Scarred, Paris Violence…
Hobby:football, alcohol, music, fitness
Favourite Drinks:Beer,RAC
Favourite food:Meat
Interest:Backstreet Battalion
Favorite football club:SKS


Natal Year:1974
Equipment:SONOR Force 505 chrome drums, MEINL HCS Rock set cymbals 14, 16, 18, 20, BASIX double pedal
Favourite bands: HIM, Social Distortion, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Turbo Negro, Gemini Five, Bakers Dozen, Condemned 84, 4 Skins, The Specials, Madness, Bohse Onkelz, Decibelios,Retaliator, Razorblade, Badlands, Madball …
Hobby::illegal streetracing / drifting - Fast Japanese cars, bdsm, big tits Porn movies, deep throat, heartbreaking, psychology, dominance, shooting, collecting CD´s and books with about skinheads, streetwear…:o)
Favourite Drinks:Pilsner Urquell,Whisky
Favourite food:Cheese in roll,chicken
Favorite football club:Bohemka :o)


Natal Year:1983
Equipment:Epiphone Thunderbird PRO, Behringer BX600
Oblíbené kapely:The Buzzcocks, Cyanide, Menace, The Vibrators, The Business, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, Nashville Pussy, Misfits...
Hobby: music, on-line poker, reading, sitting in pub Černá Plzeň
Favourite Drinks:Beer (Braník), rum (Božkov)
Favourite food:cutlet,venison
Favorite football club:Sparta