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The Real Heroes - 2009

1. Intro
2. Back Again
3. Your Problem
4. Old Times
3. Chuck Norris
6. Real Heroes
7. Friend To All...
8. We Are
9. Kill The Drug Dealer
10. I Don`t Care
11. Chlast
12. Pride of Bohemia

Street Kids vol. 3 - 2008

11. Kill The Drug Dealer - text

Hated Proud & Disdainful - 2007

1. Intro
2. Our Justice - text - mp3
3. Pride of Bohemia - text - mp3
4. Football - text
5. Zeroes & Heroes - text
6. Hated Proud & Disdainful - text
7. Prague - text
8. Warrior - text
9. We`re just skinheads - text
10.Proud & Strong (Ultima Thule)


Our Justice

When the night falls on the city
All the people getting scarred
Rapists who will show no pity
To the kids which they met.

Justice, police are slow and blind
Lawyers want to earn the money
But our law is eye for an eye
Revenge will be sweat and funny

Rf:We have to stop this fuckinī madness
We have to hunt those bastards down
We have to stop this fuckinīmadness
We have to make safer our town

Paedophiles and child molesters
Watch carefoully your fuckinīback
Skinhead army on the rampage
Will hang you on nearest lamp

Show no mercy show no regret
They must pay for what they done
Prison cells are not needed
Our justice is rope and gun


We are tagged as a right wing band
Because we always show
That is not hard to love our land
And our mother tongue
History of Czech is in our mind
And weīve got heart full of pride
If you donīt aceept this itīs your fault
Just fuck off and die

Rf: we still here we donīt care we will never die
boots,braces short cropped hair still wearing with pride
40 years we rule the streets and we will never die
blood in our veins, boots on our feet
weīll be there till the end of a time

Always on the wrong side
we so proudly stand
society and media
try us to condemn
no one likes us we donīt care
it is all about
the oldest cult of youngsters
we will never die


Everybodyīs looking forward to this day
the day when the match will start to play
with the mates on the terraces hands in the air
coppers donīt likes us and we donīt care

Always with you we are here
we are the loyals who always be near
standing on the terraces and singing chors
all we want from you is scoring goals

Rf : this is how we live
standing strong and never forgive
standing strong and standing proud
doing things that arenīt allowed
this is how we live

Modern football business isnīt for us
money money money we donīt give a toss
we wanna fly our flags we wanna make noise
we are the firm and it is our choice

After the match to the pub we go
today we won and everyone it shows
we get wasted that we couldnīt speak
we all looking forward to the next week


My girlfriend's gone, my good friend let me down
Treason for no reason but I'll get back like no clown
Won't lose my pride, won't feel nothing but hate
It's not me who lost all the honour and fucked his own fate
So what can I say when traitors want to cross my way
Losers will be smashed down and bitches have nothing to say

Zeros and Heroes - Bitches or Skinheadgirls
Zeros and Heroes - Trendy Wankers or true Skinheads
Zeros and Heroes - Thousands of words or Action
Zeros and Heroes - Anyone knows who stands still

You cheap whore get outa my sight
Your words sound good but are deleted from my mind
But I know who's real hero and who's a poor zero
And you deserve to stay with the cheap bitch till the end
God will tell me where the truth is
I believe in myself and zeros I will never miss

Hated Proud and Disdainful

Skinheads in the media - it's like political party dirty lies
Bootboy terror on the streets - TV and newspapers you supplies
All the people hate us just because we love our native land
Be so hated is not a fashion but we still go hand in hand

Hated Proud and Disdainful - I am a Skinhead and not a fool
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Skinheads Prague Rule Rule Rule!
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Fuck You wanker Smash you down
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Oi! ya Looser and Run Run Run!

Lefties say that we're nazis and the brown kids that we're reds
We will show you our neverending hate coz we are SKINHEADS
Don't need money, we can't change our souls and our hearts
be saved by cops it's not our style we're rudies and the die hards

Hated Proud and Disdainful - I am a Skinhead and not a fool
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Skinheads Prague Rule Rule Rule!
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Fuck You wanker Smash you down
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Oi! ya Looser and Run Run Run!

Third half it's a time for trouble no one care about any match
One for all and all for one, we stand proud and wear the same patch
Enemies are everywhere that's the reason why we're full of hate
We stand true, loyal and free and never will be in the traitors gate

Hated Proud and Disdainful - I am a Skinhead and not a fool
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Skinheads Prague Rule Rule Rule!
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Fuck You wanker Smash you down
Hated Proud and Disdainful - Oi! ya Looser and Run Run Run!


No woman compares to your beauty
None of them has your worth
You're the only one I love truely
You're the greatest treasure of the earth

You are the reason for any sacrifice
To fight for you at any price
Defend you and the nation
At anytime and without hesitation

Ref: For you i'd fight for you i'd die
There's nothing i'd refuse to do
My heart my life my love my pride
Prague I give it all to you

Our knight comes to life again
As they try breakin into our frontier
Saddles his horse, weighs his spear
Under his command glorious victory is near

Death might capture my soul
They might torture my body too
But fear will never have its hold
cos I'll always be alive in you


As a little child he had been told
how to use sword and fight against the wrong
now the choice is here and he has to vote
if he goes to battle or stays at home

The choice was on him and he chose the right
like many other men in the same time
defend their land against the evil from outside
fight without shame for his countryīs pride

Day before the battle he sit near the fire
with the old mercenaries who were hired
they were drunk and they were telling him
how cruel were the battles that they were in

Rf: His valiant heart was slowly stopped beating
But he never had to feel the pain of defeating
His mind has plunged to the endless night
But no one never forget that he joined the fight

He stood up and went away from camp
he went to the river and sit on bank
thought about his life and things he had done
also ībout tomorrow and what may come

When the battle begins he stood in first line
maybe that is reason why he had to die
they blunted his sword and they broke his shield
dishonoured his body which layed on field

The battle is won and the land is free again
thanks to blood of men whose lay there
but for their souls it isn īt end of story
Vallhalla is waiting with its halls of glory

We`re just skinheads

You want to judge evebody
who don't accept your own right
but if you so mutch hate somebody
you donīt prove with him fight

Lies and slanders are your solution
we think that you are only wankers
still you stress needful revolution
but we don't waste time with hookers

Ref: we're just skinheads and we'll fight
we're just skinheads and we'll never die
we're just skinheads and we'll thrust you down
we're just skinheads and you'll hate you own

You know that we are no more no less
people can indicate us as a sinners
we agree caues talk 'bout skinheads
and we act more like a winners

Neither red nor racist
politics is for you more than friends
you are loser and we are honest
we are patriots and we love our lands

Kill The Drug Dealer

You couldn't stand my Skinhead Pride
My satisfaction now is your pouring blood
You talk so much shit about me
Cos you've always wanted to be like me
Now itīs time to give you some shots
And hear the sound of your breaking bones
Won't give you a chance to live your dream
This street will hear your scream

I'm the Hunter - youīre the animal
I will kill you - fuckinī criminal
Kick you in the face - trendy wanker
Knock you down - you lame fucker

Youīre sell drugs thereīs no excuse for it
How many kids are adicted to that shit
They gotta get money in all different ways
You giveīem the hit which they pay
Now itīs time to start another round
Time when I win and kick you to the ground
cehw my boots you worthless fucker
Rust in peace here in the gutter