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So the band was founded in pub at one time in summer 2005. First line up was made by 3 friends, Ian on first guitar, Kish on second guitar and Peddy as a vocalist. After two month of searching drummer, bass player and place for rehersals we made it. On 14th October 2005 the first rehersal of the band without a name was made. Two Kish mates joined us, Bondáč on bass and Vzadku on drumms, both have played in their own brit pop band Doxfall. In firsts rehersals we tried to tune us in on songs from Ultima Thule, which sound everyone knows. Then came our first songs, Pride of Bohemia and Football, which were written by Peddy and Kish´s piece We´re just Skinheads. This way we practice for 4 - 5 months. On some rehersals came Vlad to see how we play and he sometimes play drums with us. Because of Vzadku had to také more care about his second band Doxfall, Vlad joined us on drums. In that time we had find out a name Disdainful, which was an idea of our friend Ája. Vlad brought some new lyrics, so we started to train Hated Proud and Disdainful and Heroes and Zeroes. Peddy after some alcoholic experience came with song Warrior and after a while with Our Justice. We also tried to sing a few covers from Ultima Thule, Condemned 84 and Pulling on the Boots.. At the end of summer 2006, Gappa a mate of us called, if he want to play on some gig in his hometown Strakonice. We said yes and we started to practise more and more. Exactly on the same day as first rehersal, on 14th October 2006 we played our first gig in Strakonice with bands like Tattooed Bastards, Pilsner Oiquell and Abstinenční Příznaky in club Křemelka. After this gig, our bass player Bondáč left the band, because of his second band Doxfall, so new problem come to us, what will we do with bass? We have think and drink for a while and finally, we ask our friend Ája, if she wanted to try it. She agreed, she practiced songs for one month and we could go to play our second gig in Pilsen on 20th January 2007 in pub Na Božkově with bands like Pilsner Oiquell, Mordor´s Gang and Operace Artaban. In February 2008 Šafy came to us and he is learning bass now.